Bank charges and it's implication

Bank charges and its implication on financial transactions

Oh! Not now. I am getting sick of all these bank charges.

How do I spend all the money so easily?

The last time I checked, I still have some money in my account. How careless have I been?

Now the money is not enough to perform this transaction.

The financial system in Nigeria has taken another phase, since the passing of the finance bill into Acts with effect from February 1, 2020.

Keeping your money in different banks is not advisable right now due to series of charges by banks.

All these charges have been legalized and there is no going back on them any longer.

There is actually a problem keeping your money with different banks as each bank will keep on charging you the same fees.

Is there a solution to this? Yes. There is!

I have also been at the cross road thinking of how to minimize the charges while enjoying the best transaction so far.

This is not a matter of trying to avoid banks but trying to avoid bank charges that can be avoided. 

You know it can be frustrating when you are unable to complete a transaction due to charges from your bank.

 Funny enough, you will not be alerted for these charges unless you try to make any transaction or you check their mobile app thereby giving you false hope of having enough balance for your next transaction.

I do not want to keep you with boring stories that you already know about.

This is glaring and at the same killing the financial strength of most people and corporate organizations.

Just imagine losing trade or a potential customer due to insufficient fund that is caused by bank charges.

Kurepay is a digital wallet that allows you to keep your money safe from ridiculous charges with a ₦25 transfer fee to other banks a cheaper alternative compared to a ₦65 charge + VAT.

If you are ready to take charge of your finances while avoiding other charges that can be avoided. Join kurepay and be in control of your finances without any hidden charges.

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