Benefits and steps to become a kurepay agent.

Agent is the person that represents a company in a particular area.

Agency has become one of the means of livelihood for Nigerians because it is sometimes easy to set up but many people still don’t understand the benefits of an agent.

  • Do you have a shop, which can be a normal POS stand?
  • Are you looking for way to earn passive income even with what you are doing at moment?

You can earn up to #200,000 monthly as a kurepay agent while you represent kurepay in your environment.

What will I be doing as kurepay agent?

As an agent, you will be performing transactions which includes;

  • Buying and selling of bitcoin (crypto)
  • Bank transfer
  • Airtime and data recharge
  • Electricity payment
  • Cable TV subscription (DSTV, GOTV etc)
  • International transaction (PayPal)
  • Loan and investment

Benefits of being a kurepay agent

Performing all the above transactions comes with a whole lot of benefit from which you can earn up to #200,000 monthly. The benefits are;

Crypto bonus

Every single cryptocurrency transaction done  with you will earn you cryptocurrency for performing the transaction.

Free starter package

As an agent, you will be entitled to kurepay starter package which include fliers, stickers and flex banner.

Sign up bonus

You will earn for every individual that sign up with you.

Agency bonus

Aside from the sign up bonus, you will earn for every other agent that sign up as an agent from you.

Daily transfer rebate

Perform transactions for as low as #5 per transfer while you enjoy daily rebate on every single transaction. The total of which can be up to #5,000 and above daily.

Investment bonus

You will also enjoy bonuses for all the investment that were done from you. You can read about the investment packages here.

Requirements to become an agent

This will be the next question on your mind because I am sure you will not want to miss this golden opportunity.

The first requirement is to download the kurepay App from playstore or signup on kurepay webpage.

Other requirements;

Valid means of identification 

Before becoming a kurepay agent, you must possess a valid ID card, it could be a National ID card, voters card, Drivers license,  or international passport. This ID card must carry your name, and photograph as means of identification 


Your bank verification number must be valid and recognized by the central bank of Nigeria, the name on your BVN must correspond with that of your means of identification 

Utility bill not older than three months 

You must provide a recent utility bill that is not more than three months old. it could either be prepaid or postpaid electricity bill.

1 passport photograph 

A well taken Passport photograph of yourself must be presented. 

Android phone 

Kurepay is app and web supported, so as an agent you cannot operate without a smart phone. Therefore it is necessary that you have it.

Small or Medium size shop

You must own a small or medium size shop before application. It could be a regular umbrella POS stand or a medium sized shop.

Become an agent and start earning!!!

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