Bitcoin: a long term store of value

Bitcoin: a long time store of value and investment asset.

“…bitcoin is a long time store of value and an attractive investment asset … ” Evan Gappelberg

This might be unrealistic to you but let us consider some scenario below:

Around August, 2020, a friend of mine sent me some bitcoin worth 300 naira and as at today, the value of that bitcoin has increased to over 1,000 naira.

The same bitcoin value but with an increased price of 1 bitcoin has made me 700 naira worth of profit within a space of 4-5 months.

If I had bought bitcoin worth of #3000, it would have worth 10,000 naira now. If I had bought bitcoin with 30,000 naira, it would have worth 100,000 naira by now. 

I had bought with 300,000 naira, I would have become 700,000 richer today.

Now think of it, if as at that time, you have bought with 3million naira, you would have being 7million naira richer.

That is the kind of profit you can make for buying and holding your bitcoin. The profit is not limited to that because the price of bitcoin is still increasing and will continue to increase.

All these value analyzed earlier might not be convenient for everyone but if I had being buying just 300 worth of bitcoin every day for last three months:

300 x 90 days = #27,000

Bitcoin increased by over 150% between December, 2019 and January, 2020.

I should have made over #50,000 profit by just buying #300 worth of bitcoin every day.

The year just started and the price of bitcoin has been projected to increase tremendously this year due to the adoption by mainstream financial institutions.

Many companies that prefer gold as safe haven has started buying bitcoin rather than gold.

Bitcoin is truly an investment asset and a long time store of value.

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