Create your own future image.

Create your own future, you are the architect.

Future, a word that has kept many people in suspense. Everyone is looking out for what tomorrow holds.

The future, to some people, is a decade away while some we think of it as 20years away.

Whenever, I remember the future, I will look into it and see a lot of achievement. This is not because I have seen it but because I know what it holds.

Many people are still unaware of what their future look like, they just want it to be according to fate.

They just want to enjoy the moment and let the environment decides for them.

As for me, I want to create my own future. I want to be the architect of how it would be.

You are not left behind, you can also create your own future but only if you are ready for it.

How can I create my own future?

This is the question that follows whenever I tell some people to create their own future.

They will be like, 

How is that possible?

How can I create it?

Is it even possible to create it?

Yes, it is possible but you have to be intentional about it. 

Look at your life from childhood, what are the things that you cherished and wished you could achieve?

What happened after few years?

The only thing that you achieved are what you worked upon. Other were wishes because you are not intentional about it.

Today is a future if you consider your childhood age and this present moment will become past and tomorrow will become present.

Your futue begins the next moment because you are not sure of what it holds but if you work on what you want and you keep working on it, you can boldly say, this is how tomorrow will be.

The future is like an examination result, after completing the examination, you will be expecting your result.

Some people would have written their own result because they are certain of what they wrote while some will allow fate to decide.

Fate might decide but if you work on what you want, you can be the best and see yourself the way you want.

The future is now, start working on your on it now!!!

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