Cryptocurrency market capitalization hit $2trillion

The cryptocurrency market capitalization hit $2trillion just three months after the market cap hit $1trillion market cap.

The $1trillion milestone was achieved after a rally led by bitcoin.

The current milestone was achieved a few days after the ethereum hit a new all time high of $2,152 on the 2nd of April. 

The cryptocurrency market is now as valuable as Apple which is the second largest company and the first U.S based company to hit $2trillion market cap.

The difference is not in the figure but in the number of months between the $1trillion milestone and the $2trillion milestone. 

Apple reached $2trillion market capitalization after two years of having $1trillion market capitalization.

The cryptocurrency market capitalization of $2trillion on the other hand was reached just three months after reaching $1trillion market cap.

Bitcoin still remains the first cryptocurrency by invention and by market capitalization having a market cap of $1.1trillion which is more than 50% of the total market cap.

The bitcoin dominance over the last few days has been reducing.

Ethereum hit a new all time high while XRP traded at $1 for the first time as well.

The native token of Binance, bnb, has been on a bullish trend, breaking forth into new all time high.

Recent surge in the price of altcoin is an indication of the popular “altcoin season” which means the persistent increase in price of alternative coins to bitcoin.

How can I be a beneficiary of the altcoin season?

The altcoin season is just around the corner and no one can predict the actual time nor the moment.

In order not to miss the bull run, have a portfolio of altcoins like ethereum, bnb, and other altcoins.

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