Dormant whale

Dormant whale made 616,418% ROI for holding bitcoin

Bitcoin once again proved itself as a long term store of value when a dormant whale made 616,418% by investing in bitcoin.

The bitcoin wallet has been inactive for more than 7years.

According to research, the bitcoin wallet was created in June 2012 which is 14months after bitcoin blockchain was launched. 

Bitcoin wallets during that time are regarded as “Satoshi-Era” wallets. 

The dormant whale moved 640 bitcoin out of 791 bitcoin for the first time after 9years 1month.

According to the whale alert, the wallet has not been used until recently. 

Whale alert is the metric that reveals significant transactions on the blockchain. 

It is not limited to bitcoin alone but it tracks all blockchain and reveals significant transactions. 

Other Satoshi-Era wallet

This is not the first time in 2021 when an old wallet address will be making a significant transaction. 

In February, 2021, a Satoshi-Era wallet moved 2189 bitcoin.

In March, another Satoshi-Era wallet moved 5000 bitcoin after 7years. 

These wallets are named “Satoshi-Era” wallets because they were created when bitcoin was launched before mass adoption. 

The most rewarding investment

Aside from knowing about the move, another worth knowing revelation is the reward for holding the bitcoin. 

As at June 2012 when the wallet address was created, bitcoin was worth $5.27

Compared to the current price, the owner has made 616,418% return on investment. 

In the history of mankind, no single investment has given such a return after 10years.


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Bitcoin: a long term store of value

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