Graphics of fintech and its implications

Fintech and its implications on the economy.

Fintech has been a major threat to Nigerian banks and most banks are being dragged to change their payment policies and system.

There are series of changes that has taken place in the banking system over the past few years.

One of the changes is the mobile apps that were made available with regular upgrade to cater for banking services but that is not the only influence of fintech.

Implications of Fintech

Few of the most notable influences of fintech companies can be summarized below;

  • Secure transactions

Sending money from one person to another requires the activities of third parties even within the banking hall which can lead to mistakes in the amount to be sent or delay in payment.

With the advent of fintech companies, there has been an improved payment system that works without third party and also confirmation of transaction amounts before transactions will be completed.

  • Immediate transaction report

Bank statements are only gotten once in a month or quarterly and only for those that could get it via email. Except that, you will have to request for it before you will be given. 

This is not so with fintech companies because your transaction history will be visible from time to time and you can know the source from which you are receiving money and also track your expenses. 

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  • Reduced transaction cost

There is a transaction cost which most people are not aware of and that is the transportation cost to the bank.

Since banks can not be made available in all areas, there is a need to get to banks before transactions can be completed.

Using kurepay, as one of the best fintech company, will put an end to this transaction cost.

  • No maintenance charges

No matter the amount of money saved with bank, there will surely be maintenance fees to be charged at the end of the month.

Fintech companies does not charge any of such absurd charges and you can boost of your balance since there is no hidden charges.

  • Banking services with option to earn.

Have you been paid your interest for opening a saving account?

Even if you are paid, it will be deducted as a result of other charges.

Fintech companies provide a means of earning for their customers rather than taking from them.

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  • Loan facilities without collateral

Aside from all the aforementioned important changes to banking services, you can easily apply for a loan and get it within few minutes even without collateral.

This has made growing firms and individuals to easily source for finances outside the banking hall.

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  • Prompt customer service

Do you have a pending transaction on Friday evening and you have to wait till Tuesday because there was public holiday on Monday?

That is a rare case though but had it been there is public holiday throughout the week, then you will have to wait till the bank reopen before your complaints can be listened to or resolved.

This is the opposite to the customer service at kurepay. 

There is 24/7 customer service support to receive complaints and such will be resolved within minutes even during public holiday due to advanced customer service process.

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