Get up to #100,000 loan without collateral.

Loan as one of the sources of income to businesses both new and old are supposed to be readily available.

Reverse is the case as loans are not being made available to small scale businesses not to talk of individuals.

Individuals including corporate bodies have a special need which can only be made possible if there is a loan facility that give loans without much stress.

Commercial banks in Nigeria that are supposed to provide loans for individual and corporate bodies will not release such loans unless there is more than enough collateral.

With the advent of fintech companies in Nigeria, loan has been made available for individuals and businesses even without collateral security.

There is maximum amount that can be borrowed but with kurepay you can get up to #100,000 without collateral.

Whao! That’s awesome

How can I get the loan?

  • To qualify for the loan, you must be a kurepay user and be using kurepay wallet for transactions.
  • You must have completed your kyc and perform at least 10 transactions.

Loan terms and conditions:

  • All loans attract a 4-10% monthly interest rate.
  • 1% processing fee to be deducted from the loan amount.
  • Flexible loans ranging from #1000 to #100,000
  • Kurepay loans are repayable at your own convenience within a period of 1 to 12 months.
  • Loans are given out in Naira and will be paid back in Naira.
  • You can repay via any of the kurepay payment system (kurewallet, bank transfer and cash at any kurepay experience center).

Loans will be made easier for kurepay agents.

If you own a shop which can be a small or medium sized shop and will like to earn more money, click here to read more on how to become a kurepay agent.

What else are you waiting for?

Get a loan without collateral by clicking here to get started.

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