Giveaway; kurepay #500,000 Ember giveaway is now live!!!

kurepay giveaway is now live!!!

What is the essence of a company that cannot give back to its customers.

Kurepay gives value and provide unprecedented medium of digital exchange. Easy access to your fund at all time with no hidden charges.

Kurepay is now ready to give out #500,000 to its customers.

Wait, is that a mistake?

No, it is not a mistake but a reality.

Kurepay Ember giveaway is packaged to give out enough money to its customers every week till the end of this year.

The giveaway will run for four months so don’t be scared, it is not going to end very soon but you can start enjoying the giveaway as early as you could.

What do I need to enjoy this kurepay Ember giveaway?

I know you are now anxious as if you should be declared the winner of the #500,000.

Follow the simple step below to be part of the Ember giveaway and stand a chance to win out of the total value which is #500,000.

  • Follow kurepay on all its social media platforms:
  • Comment on the giveaway post with your kurepay ID and tag three of your friends.

All you need to do is to follow kurepay, comment with your kurepay ID, tag three of your friends and stand a chance to win out of the #500,000.

All this will not take more than two minutes to complete and the good thing about the giveaway is that you can participate on any of the social media.

If you would like to increase your chance of winning, you can join the giveaway with all your social media. It is now live on Instagram, twitter and facebook.

Remember, the lucky winner will be selected every week for the rest of the year. So why can’t you join and enjoy a good ride with kurepay till the end of the year. 

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