Goal setting and its underlying principles

Goal setting is another basic thing that everyone must be conscious of aside from financial problems and aspirations.

Financial problems can never be satisfied because once you achieve an aim, you will still want to achieve more.

If financial problems cannot be satisfied, why do we have financial goals?

Goal on its own refers to your aims and objectives which can either be for short or long period of time.

It is a list of everything that you want to achieve within a stipulated time.

Financial goal is a statement of how you want to be financially which can be in terms of material things or bank balances.

In goal setting, there is a very important factor that must be included before a wish can be referred to as goal.

That is the time factor!

Time factor is an intrinsic valuable characteristic of goal setting that motivates you and serves as a reminder for your goal.

If you had the best list without the time factor, you are only having a list of wishes and you have not translated it into goals.

The time factor can be a day, a week, a month, a quarter, six months, a year, two years and above. There is no limit to what the expected time of completion can be.

You will choose based on the difficulty level of each goals.

Another important thing to note in goal setting is the control measure to be put in place that will let you know whether you are achieving what you are suppose to achieve.

It is a check on your activities and must be present in all goals.

As the year is approaching an end and very soon, we will be in the last quarter of the year;

The following are the principles of goal setting

Look back at your goals at the beginning of the year and check whether you have achieved what you wanted to achieve or not.

Consider the reason why you have failed to achieve your goals and write the possible solutions.

Work more on the proffered solution without changing the time factor.

Follow these steps even if you did not have a yearly goals, you can use it for any time factor that you choose.

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