Kurepay wallet funding procedure

How to fund your kurepay wallet

Kurepay is one of the first payment wallets to offer a crypto-fiat wallet service that allows seamless transactions and instant withdrawals to your bank account with zero fees at the best market rates.

Step one

Download the Kurepay wallet on Google playstore. For IOS users, the IOS app is coming soon. Kindly use the web version http://www.wallet.kurepay.com

Login into your Kurepay wallet by inputting your email address and your password.

If you do not have an account. Click signup, input the required details, you’ll get a confirmation mail in your email inbox, then come back to the app and enter your login details.

Step two

Once you’re logged in, you can see different widgets on the Dashboard. Click on Receive payment in the top or Fund in the left bottom.

There are 3 ways to fund your Kurepay wallet

1) Cryptocurrency

Three cryptocurrencies are currently functional for transactions on Kurepay – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash.

Click on your preferred your choice of cryptocurrency. You will get the address of the respective crypto you choose.

Copy the address by clicking on the ‘copy address’ button. Send your cryptocurrency to the copied address i.e. Send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address, Ethereum to an Ethereum address.

You will receive the naira equivalent and can be viewed on the home dashboard.

2) Bank Transfer

Click on Fund or request payment,

Click on transfer.

You will be shown a bank account details you can transfer money to from your banking app.

3) USSD Transfer

Click on Fund or request payment, click on USSD/BANK transfer.

Input the amount you want to fund your wallet with.

Choose the bank you want to send the money from.

A USSD code will be auto-generated for you that will expire in 10 mins.

Punch the codes on your smartphone and dial.

The funds will be credited to your Kurepay wallet.

All 3 methods of funding your Kurepay wallet are relatively fast. No downtime or delays!

Convenience. Speed. Best Rates.

Thanks for choosing Kurepay. Enjoy!

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