How to receive cryptocurrency

How to receive cryptocurrency in Nigeria

How to receive cryptocurrency is a major question asked by newbies. 

Being a newbie in any space you found yourself is not a sign of lacking something special. 

Rather it is a sign of development. 

To receive cryptocurrency, you only need the wallet or the QR code if the sender is closeby or has access to the scanner. 

In a situation where there is no scanner, you will need a wallet address. 

What is a wallet address? 

In simple terms, a wallet address can be taken to represent your bank account but there is a difference. 

A bank is a combination of 10 digits which can easily be memorized. 

On the other hand, a wallet address is a combination of alphanumeric characters meaning it is a combination of both letters and figures. 

The letters can also be in uppercase or lowercase. 

NB: Wallet address is case sensitive. 

Also, each blockchain has its own unique wallet address style. 

Sending btc to a tron wallet address will lead to loss of funds. 

How to receive cryptocurrency using kurepay. 

If you are using kurepay, there are two ways for you to receive your cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto wallet

This is the same like any other cryptocurrency wallet. 

You will have to copy your wallet address and send it to the sender. 

The person will also copy and paste it into his own wallet so as to avoid mistakes. 

NB: a mistake in wallet address will lead to loss of funds. 

NGNT wallet 

This feature is only available on kurepay as a way of serving you better. 

This is put in place so as to reduce your transaction fee and make swift exchange of funds. 

Upon receiving cryptocurrency, if you choose to receive your cryptocurrency in your NGNT wallet, the cryptocurrency will. be converted to naira and deposited in your NGNT wallet rather than your cryptocurrency wallet. 

Step by step guide on how to receive cryptocurrency using kurepay. 

  1. Log in to your wallet. 
  1. After successful login, your dashboard will be displayed. 
  1. Click on menu bar 
  1. Then click on fund wallet
  1. Click on via crypto 
  1. Choose the cryptocurrency that you want to receive. (for the benefit of this tutorial, I will be using bitcoin.)
  1. After selecting your choice of cryptocurrency, allow the page to load fully. 
  1. Enter the amount or the crypto equivalent. (if you type in the crypto amount, the amount will be filled automatically. Same way, if you enter the amount, the crypto equivalent will be filled automatically.) 
  1. Two wallet addresses will be displayed. 
  1. To receive and convert your cryptocurrencies to NGN, use the NGNT wallet. 
  1. If you want your cryptocurrencies to be in cryptocurrency when you receive it, use your crypto wallet address. 

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