How to receive money from PayPal into your Nigerian bank account for free

Paypal Restrictions in Nigeria

Nigeria, by economic standards, is a developing country with a notorious reputation for internet scams and fraud resulting in various bans and restrictions from international payment services including PayPal. 

However, Nigeria is a hotbed of talented skilled people and legit business owners selling their products and services online in the international markets and depend heavily on it for livelihood. The major constraint these set of people have been facing is the restriction from accessing international payment systems. 

Nigeria is blacklisted from major international payments which has seriously affected the freelancing community and business owners that receive payments from international companies. 

Bitcoin is termed the ultimate solution to cross-border transactions but unfortunately Bitcoin has not gained enough trust and stability to be used as a global payment settling system.

PayPal, on the other hand, works in Nigeria one-sidedly. You can fund PayPal with your Nigerian bank account and send money to other countries but you can’t receive money into your PayPal in Nigeria. 

Tragic! There are scammers preying on people by luring them to pay a hideous amount of money to have access to some illegal PayPal tricks.

The Free solution

Kurepay has devised a simple and free means for individuals and businesses to receive money through PayPal into their Nigerian bank account. 

Create an account on Kurepay

  • Fill in your details and verify your email address with the link sent to your mailbox. 

Log-in into your account, 

  • Click fund wallet
  • Click fund with PayPal 

Send the payment link to your client, customer, family or friends to receive payments.

Reach our customer care on +2348103750822 and send us the transaction details – sender’s email address and the amount received.  

The equivalent naira amount of the received money will be credited into your kurepay account at the best market rate after payment is confirmed as soon as possible. The whole procedure is manually processed but will be fully automated in our forthcoming updates.

You can now withdraw your received funds to your bank account by

  • Clicking transfer money
  • Click transfer to any bank account.

Input your bank details, amount and click transfer. An OTP code will be sent to your mail, copy it and input it on the requested box. 

Your bank account will be credited within 2 minutes. 

Kurepay is a payment wallet that processes cryptocurrency and fiat transactions with the vision of providing financial inclusion to marginalized Africans across the continent.

Thank you for choosing Kurepay.

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