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Investment; a viable seed that can bring forth other seeds.

Investment has been the major message for years without any tangible explanation about what investment is.

Many people consider investment as buying of assets. Some consider it as investing in another man’s dream. All these are forms of investments but there investments is wider than that.

Forms of investment

Investments in real assets

This is the most common and traditional investment.

It is the investment that is known by most people and we all perceive investments as buying of assets like cars, real estates (lands, building), plant and machineries for companies.

All these are forms of investments but there is another investment that has been added to it.

It is called the crypto assets. It has been approved by Securities Exchange Commission as an asset in Nigeria. You can read about the approval here.

Bitcoin as one of crypto assets has made more than 20% within a space of one month. You can secure this asset on kurepay and watch your investment grow.

Intellectual investment

This is one of the investments that is not reckoned with. 

Most people don’t believe in investments in themselves because this kind of investments is all about knowledge and the return is not static.

Also, the return cannot be decided by anyone but the returns has no limit.

This is also available on kurepay. Join the kurepay telegram channel to know more about cryptocurrencies at no cost.

All you need to do is to invest your time and be ready to learn.

Passive investment

All other forms of investments mentioned above require you sacrifice your time or you will have to watch over the investments from time to time.

In some cases, there can be losses from other investments but passive investments with the right company will continue to yield.

All you have to do here is just to get your money ready for an investing company at a specified return on investments.

Due to the relevancy of this investment, many people have lost their hard earned money to scammers.

No only that, some have been underpaid by other companies while you can get 18% return on your investments with kurepay. Click here to read more.

How do you feel when you have a company that can help you with any form of investments that you want?

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