Investment opportunity: get 18% returns on your investment.

Investment opportunity is even rare than job opportunities in Nigeria.

Even those that provide investment opportunities are not ready to provide higher rate of interest.

“If you did not earn while sleeping, you will work till you die” Bill Gate

In order to prove the legitimacy of the quote, Warren Buffet says “an average millionaire has seven stream of income“.

Is it possible for a single person to work in seven different companies at a time most especially if it is not a digital employment.

If it is not possible then it will be impossible to become a millionaire with job opportunities alone.

That is where investment opportunities comes into play.

You can have more than seven stream of income with investment opportunities from different reliable sources.

Commercial banks in Nigeria is one of the sources of investment opportunity and they give a maximum of 5% on fixed deposit per annum.

That is an addition no matter how small but why using banks when you can get five times the return from kurepay investment opportunity.

Kurepay investment is of two types;


Kuresaver offers 8% while the minimum investment is #500 only.

Going to banks for some people will even cost them more than #500 as transport fare but with kurepay than spending the money as expenses, you can earn for investing it.

Kure Growth

Kure growth offers a whooping 18% returns on investment but the minimum investment is #50,000

So with #50,000 and above you can earn 18% more without doing anything.

Investment terms and conditions:

  • All investment will be made from kurepay wallet.
  • Repayments including returns will be paid with kurepay wallet.
  • Kuresaver and kure growth investment plan will be locked in for a period of 360days.

Termination of investment plan

Investment plans can be terminated at any time by the user.

To terminate your investment plan, kindly send a request via for termination of your investment plan.

All termination requests will be approved and disbursed by management.

NB: Investment amount and interest will be paid at the end of the investment tenure or after termination.

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