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Kure classic; invest and earn 60% return

Invest before you spend should not be overlooked most especially when festive period is fast approaching.

Investment can never be over emphasized in time like this when the year is running to an end. Few weeks now, 2020 will become history.

What you achieved in 2020 will also become history along with 2020, so are you planning to make 2020 count before you lose the opportunity?

A lot of things have made 2020 to be an historic year. From pandemic to lockdown and the #endsars protest affected the source of income of many people while only a few were able to earn even during this period.

As the year is now going to an end, if you have not been able to have a personal history, here is an opportunity you should not miss.

Kure classic is an investment opportunity that allows you to earn a total of 60% on your investment.

Terms and conditions

  • All investment will be made from kurepay wallet.
  • Repayments including returns will be paid with kurepay wallet.
  • Investment plan will be locked for 12 months.
  • 5% returns every month.
  • Minimum investment is #250,000
  • Investment is valid till December 31st

For instance, if you invest #1,000,000, you will be receiving #50,000 every month for 12 months. At the end of the investment period, you would have earned #600,000 😳😳😳. 

Do not forget that all investment should be done before December 31st. So invest now and start smiling to your bank every month.

For more enquiries, you can call us on 08038575579 or 08103750822 or email us via

I want to invest but I did not have the minimum investment, how can I go about it?

There is no problem for you because you can earn as a kurepay agent or you can earn passively by referring people.

What are you now waiting for? 

Kurepay provides a way to earn and also provides investment opportunities to make life balance for all.

Invest now before you spend and be earning monthly.

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