Kurepay: The Bridge Between Cryptocurrency, Payments, and Utilities.


It’s no news that speculation has been the major driving force of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, with constant hype and promise of heavenly returns.

Kurepay is one of those products built to tune down on the hype while providing world-class financial services to her users.

Fundamentally, cryptocurrencies are a true form of money with intrinsic value that might overtake fiat currencies in the coming decades.

Countries like China depend primarily on digital payments through centralized payments systems like Ali pay and Wechat.

The volatility of cryptocurrencies is a circle of yin and yang, both a limiting factor and a window of opportunity.

The negative side is crypto is an unstable means of exchange and store of value, the positive side is the opportunity given to professional traders to trade along the price swings to make profits.

One of the core factors that will drive the adoption of cryptocurrencies is the ability to use crypto for real-life payments in conventional situations.

Imagine trying to shop on Jumia with your favourite cryptocurrency, it’s not possible yet? Yes but enter Kurepay!

Shopping with crypto

Kurepay : The all-in-one Solution

Kurepay is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows for instant swapping of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash into Naira to avoid price volatility and fast withdrawal into your bank account at favourable market prices.

It has some amazing features that will drive the adoption of cryptocurrency in Nigeria, it allows you to deposit cryptocurrency and make real life purchases directly with crypto from the app! Electricity bills, airtime purchase, Data, bulk SMS, sport betting etc.

Features in the road map to be added include implementing state of the art APIs to allow checking out with crypto on large online retailers such as Jumia, Konga and Amazon, addition of loans and investment portals to the app to increase the access of bonafide users to capital and profit making opportunities.

Kurepay, with its large liquidity reserve encourages fast and convenient remittance inflow for diaspora who choose to use crypto as the means of transfer of value as a result of the negligible transfer fee involved in the whole process.

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