Personal Finance: Is spending done out of pocket or mind.

This is not a fantasy nor is it a mind game, it is a deliberate call to give you a sound personal finance experience.

Out of pocket as many would say is an expense or payment made out of your own money (personal finance) which may later be reimbursed but not necessary to be reimbursed. 

Every penny in your pocket, which can be extended further to include all the money in your bank account, has a value which can be exchanged for goods, services, personal growth or investments.

I have met many people who are earning big but living pay-check to pay-check that is; waiting for their next salary. 

They are not low earners but they are neither low spenders. Oh! That might bring confusion but in simple terms, they spend almost everything on bills and expenses. 

They live considerably below their earnings and that has made them keep postponing any opportunities that come their way.

If you are one of those that live an “out of pocket” lifestyle waiting for your next salary so as to foot your bills, the day you retire or probably when you are fired will be the day when life will play the reality show for you.

“Out of pocket” lifestyle is not for salary or wage earner alone but extend its tent to cover all small businesses’ CEOs who think of their early profit as the gain for their initial hard work and consistency rather than as an earnings to be used in expanding the business cycle so as to keep up with the changing business environment.

The mind is not out of play in anything in life as it is the seat for all decisions in life. 

Before you spend a dime, the  mind would have processed it. The mind is a powerful tool if it can be trained to be disciplined when it comes to spending money and determined about making money can walk you down to the desired future state of financial freedom.

Spendings are done firstly out of your mind before you proceed to take it out of your pocket. So be productive while thinking about money to avoid living pay-check to pay-check.

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