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Top fintech companies in Nigeria and their revolution.

Fintech companies in Nigeria is a growing sector that has witnessed a lot of developments within a short time. 

The mainstream adoption of fintech in Nigeria started during the lockdown. 

Nigerian banks were locked down and the incompetence of banks without recurrent deposits were noticed. 

There is no room for deposit except government workers with a recurrent withdrawal. 

Whether you are goal oriented or not, survival is your first option. 

Unless you are certain of tomorrow, that’s when you can dream big. 

Bank transfers started falling, bank accounts were closed among other issues that arose due to closure of banking halls. 

Since there is a need for exchange of funds between citizens, fintech companies gained ground. 

What is Fintech? 

Financial technology otherwise known as fintech is the integration of advanced technology into financial transactions. 

With the current technology, it has become so easy to make payment without stress and even enjoy seamless transactions without any hidden charges. 

Features of fintech

Seamless transaction

If there is any advantage of fintech over banks, it will be a good thing to pinpoint seamless transactions. 

During weekends, using some banks will be a cause for concern but with fintech companies in Nigeria, you are saved. 


Aside from seamless transactions, another great feature is acquiring collateral free loans. 

This is impossible with banks but with the advent of fintech companies, it has become so easy to acquire loans without collateral. 


This still remains a strong feature which has helped many people to make their money work for them. 

Everything is not about saving alone, is your money working for you

Ranking fintech companies in Nigeria is not as easy as you might think because each of them have a specific feature that serves as their strength. 

Giving all the features, kurepay, a top africa fintech company in Nigeria offers everything within the confinement of one wallet. 

You can perform all banking activity and make transfers to another kurewallet without any charges. 

Kurepay is not limited to banking activities alone which is one of its uniqueness. 

You can also buy, store, swap and sell your cryptocurrency without stress. 

The revolution of making financial transactions easier is now reaching for its peak. 

With kurepay, you can do more within less time. 

Sign up now and enjoy the best!!! 

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