Understanding the true measurement of wealth.

Is there any standardized measurement of wealth?

  • Can wealth be measured?
  • What does being wealthy really mean?

These are some of the questions which require nothing but the most trustful answer.

It is a pity that the answers to these questions are given based on an individual’s perception of what wealth is.

According to Grant Cardone, wealth is the possession of something or value in great abundance.

Going by the definition, wealth is not all about money. 

It entails knowledge, possessions, which by virtue, you have in great abundance.

If wealth is not in terms of finances alone, why do we rate richest men in monetary value?

The rating is based on abundance of finances while other parts of wealth are not given utmost priority in the world today.

What do you call a student that has the ability to solve complex problems within a short time?

Those are brilliant and intelligent students.

In fact, we do call some of them gifted and talented due to their level of intelligence.

What about those that have great assets in abundance?

Those ones are wealthy and there is no doubt about that.

I know, so there shouldn’t be any doubt regarding both scenarios as being wealthy because they both have an abundance of valuable things (assets and knowledge).

In our world today, we are more concerned about the monetary aspect but we still don’t know how to perfectly measure wealth.

Measurement of wealth.

In life, there is a high probability that each individual will make more than #1billion.

How is that possible?

If as a salary earner, you are earning #100,000 per month. Without spending a dime, it will take you 833years to have #1billion.

Oh! Will I be alive by then?

That’s when the true measurement of wealth comes in.

In a year, you are making #1.2million but for an entrepreneur like the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, is making such an amount on a daily basis.

The same amount but different timeframe.

The true measurement of wealth is based on the time required to acquire the great possession of valuables.

An intelligent student is not known by reading alone, it is known by the time required to solve difficult questions.

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