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VISA announce bitcoin visa card for Australians.

Australian bitcoin visa card is another milestone in the cryptocurrency space. 

The cryptocurrency space is still developing and its adoption is reaching its peak. 

Over the years, the cryptocurrency space has developed and includes major developments. 

The current stage is the development of central bank digital currency by various nations. 

Also, the adoption of bitcoin as a legal tender. 

Nevertheless amidst those important developments is another great development in Australia. 

The new development is the ability to spend bitcoin directly using a VISA card. 

The new zero-balance card as it will be called will allow Australians to spend their bitcoin holding using the card. 

The value on the card will be based on the current price of bitcoin. 

VISA, a global payment process company that issues out visa cards has partnered with CryptoSpend, a local fintech company in Australia. 

The result of the partnership is the new bitcoin visa card which will be available in September. 

Novatti, an Australian company will release the card for use by the citizens. 

After the first six months of 2021, CryptoSpend reported that more than $1billion worth of bitcoin has been spent on its network. 

This is an indication of how rapid the bitcoin card is growing. 

Implications of the new bitcoin visa card

Easy conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat using the new visa card. 

Aside from the easy conversion, this is an indication of crypto adoption in Australia and a move for other countries. 

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