What should I invest on? Step by step guide.

What should I invest on?

This is a question that comes with “Save to invest”.

It is a logical reasoning to save but saving is not complete without investment.

Why should I invest?

Inflation is a hidden factor that affects the purchasing power of money.

Inflation is the persistent increase in the value of goods and services.

What is purchasing power?

As the value of goods and services is increasing, the quantity of goods and services that the amount of money can buy will reduce.

For easy understanding, what #1,000 can buy in 2015 is not the same as what the same amount can buy now.

The facial value of the money, #1,000, did not change but what you can buy with the amount of money has reduced.

This is caused by inflation and devaluation of currency.

Over time, the amount saved will also be affected by inflation and devaluation.

What should I invest in then?

The next question after knowing why you should save to invest, is what exactly should I invest on?

In the world today, there are lots of investment, ponzi schemes that advertise themselves as investment.

Many people have been duped and many have lost their entire life savings to these schemes.

Step by step guide

  • DYOR

Doing your own research should be the first step, if you are not confused enough, don’t invest.

How can I do my own research?

Read more about how to do your own research here.

  • Investment capability

This step is best explained as “Invest what you can afford to lose”.

No matter how good an investment seems to you even after doing your own research, do not go all in.

  • Payback period.

This method is used by accountants to evaluate mutually exclusive projects.

It is a measure of how fast you can secure your initial investment.

Assuming you are having 3 investment opportunities, one of them will give you your principal back within 6months while the other two will be after a year or more.

Logically, the lesser the payback period, the better the investment.

After doing all this, the question of what I should invest in would have been answered.

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